hardware multiply/divide functionality in CPUs

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> There were math co-processor boards (AM9511, AM9512, for example) for 
> S100 systems.  ISTR that there was even a TRW bipolar (16x16?  Huge 
> chip that ran hot as a pistol) for the S100 bus.

TRW and Weitek both made hardware multiplier chips for digital signal
processing applications.  Exactly when the chips were introduced, I
don't know, but they were certainly present in the mid 80s.

> All mainframes of the time that I'm aware of had floating-point 
> multiply.  Many had floating-point divide (or a mechanism for getting 
> there).  Many lacked integer multiply and divide.

The IBM 701 had hardware multiply.  I'm not sure about divide.  This
was 1953.
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