hardware multiply/divide functionality in CPUs

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Wed Mar 9 03:50:53 CST 2011

Chuck Guzis wrote:
 > I'm not aware of any retail or hobbyist boxes of the time that used
 > either the 9440 or the SBP9900, are you?

No, but then there weren't many hobbyist boxes using the PPS-8, F100-L, 
PACE, IMP-16, WD16/MCP1600, LP8000, or iAPX-432 either.  The conclusion 
I reach is simply that obscure microprocessors that had a relatively 
poor price/performance ratio saw little hobbyist use.

 > Contrast that with a few boxes constructed on the IM6100.

The IM6100 wasn't nearly as expensive as the 9440, and there was more 
public-domain PDP-8 software than public-domain Nova software.


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