anyone using collectiveaccess for their collections?

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Wed Mar 9 12:41:30 CST 2011

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> >> We ran into a problem where image paths were hardcoded with windows pathna
> >> which causes the OSX version of the client to fail.
> >
> > Was this encountered while using CollectiveAccess?
> >
> No, this was with Mimsy, the system CHM uses. I just pointed this out to note
 that not all
> clients deal with pathnames the same way and it might be a problem if someone
 would use
> this in a heterogeneous environment.

OK, I'll keep an eye out for this with CA.  I'm going to start
experimenting with CollectiveAccess.  When I was at the Living
Computer Museum, Rich Alderson mentioned a program called PastPerfect.
I looked at it and the vendor lock-in feel to it put me off.  Plus it
costs money and only ran on Windows.  CA is a web application, so I
can leverage data backup plans from a web hosting service instead of
having to maintain my own backups.  Also, being an open source PHP
application I can host it on for minimal expense.  With
an open source PHP application I have the option of contributing
extnesions that address problems in the vintage computing domain and
share them with others.
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