2" floppy disks (Zenith Minisport laptop)

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 9 13:54:12 CST 2011

> Hi,
>  I've had 2 of these for a while. Took a gander at one of them last 
> night, and lo and behold, there was a disk in 1. Depressing the button 
> did nothing to free the disk, so I too pliers and yanked it out. It was 
> a thing of beauty. Unfortunately though the platter was all mangled up.

Hmmm.. Are you sure the disk is all you mangled? Certainly on 3.5" 
drives, it's possivble for the heads to get cauhgg in the disk housing 
and then get ripped off if you 'yank the disk out. I don;t know if 2" 
drives suffer from this. I hope not, I suspect 2" drive head assemblies 
are even harder to find than the disks.

>  Ok. Took the thing apart and the substrate or whatever the h* 
> measured maybe a hair over .001" using a cheap caliper (won't mention 

What you wan is what if often called over here a 'tenths mike'. A normal 
micropeter screw gauge with a vernier scale around the barrel, thus 
reading down to 1/10000". 

Amazingly I bought one by accident (!). I was looking for a normal 
micrometer and foudn a good secondhand one at a sensible price. Only when 
I gout it home did I realise it had the vernier scale. 

> country of origin). Took apart a 3 1/2" disk and it's platter measured 
> about .003". Became feverish and measured a video tape and it was oh 
> .00075".
>  I'm aware that the oxides used differs on different media. But, and I 
> realize there's a discrepancy in the thickness, but are the platters 
> used in a 3 1/2" disk compatible w/the 2" standard. These things are 

I hae no idea if the coercifvity is rignt, etc, but I don't think the 
differnce in thickness would stop things working on its own. 

> just so friggin cute, I'd like to see them running again. I doubt 
> anyone is manufacturing 2" disks out there.

Do they ever turn up on you-know-where?


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