Digital archiving tools

Al Kossow aek at
Wed Mar 9 16:28:37 CST 2011

On 3/9/11 2:00 PM, Rich Alderson wrote:

> Have you looked at the Time Capsule File System (unrelated to the Apple
> product of the same name), designed by Alan K. Bawden of MIT and used
> for this exact kind of thing in a proof-of-concept experiment written up
> as a Master's thesis by Brian Zuzga?

oh, yes...

His is the antithesis of my approach, assuming nothing is known of the original format in the
future, and attempting to encapsulate as much knowledge of the contents as possible up front.

This was originally developed as a prototype for archiving the MIT AI Lab tape archive.
When that work was really done a few years ago, they captured tape images, deduped the backup tape
contents, and are currently sorting and indexing the results.

I don't know how they will store the results of that. I doubt it will use TCFS, though.

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