Who will be the last HD maker down the road?

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> Richard wrote:
> >  Flash memory is problematic for secure data.  Basically, its nearly
> >  impossible to securely erase a file from flash based disks.  
> vintagecoder at aol.com wrote:
>  > I don't know how that can be true. I can understand deleting doesn't
>  > work but is it true a simple dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx onto the
>  > flash card doesn't fill it with zeros?  
> That's *exactly* the problem.  It doesn't.  dd only fills the blocks 
> that are currently in use, but the card may have spared out marginal 
> blocks that still contain residual user data.

Then I would think a few passes of filling it with random data should work.

> This is true of modern hard drives as well.

I like flash because you can snap them in pieces easily ;) All the theory
comes to an end at my pair of vice grips!

> That's why the "secure erase" commands were added to the ATA command 
> set, and the drive is supposed to erase even the spared blocks.

I don't trust that to work. But I do trust my vice grips.

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