Who will be the last HD maker down the road?

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> On Mar 9, 2011, at 12:46 PM, Eric Smith wrote:
> > That's why the "secure erase" commands were added to the ATA command
> > set, and the drive is supposed to erase even the spared blocks.  
> Sandforce takes this one step further in that their SSD drives have AES
> encryption turned on by default.  If you issue a ATA secure delete to the
> drive the key is wiped and regenerated, rendering all of the data in
> flash, both primary and spare, into garbage.

That's a good theory, but you have no way of knowing whether there's key
escrow or not. The safest thing is to use your own encryption, then you
know the key will not wind up on the drive somewhere. That's pretty easy to
do on Windows or Linux these days.

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