PDP-11 Operating Systems

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DSM-11 is Digital Standard MUMPS for the PDP-11.  It's effectively a multiuser database with a programming language; the implementation is persistent sparse arrays.  The original MUMPS language was developed on the PDP-7 and ported to numerous machines.  DSM is also available for VAX, although it is not included in the hobbyist PAK set.  :-(  

MUMPS was not just a programming language but an operating environment sitting on bare metal.  

We have an RL pack that's labeled DSM-11 but I haven't yet cleaned it up and mounted it.  -- Ian 
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Hi everyone,

You may have noticed in the pdp11 usenet groups that over some time I
have collected a nice bunch of PPD-11 OSes in various versions (this
takes less space, I have to deal with some kind of space restrictions
at the moment). From time to time I tend to put online what I have
found (please see 5ewl.blogspot.com if you want).

There are some well known archives out there in the internet, but some
OSes mentioned in the PDP-11 faq and other sources are kinda hiding
from me.

Let's start here: As I was reading the Ersatz-11 documentation file I
stumbled upon "Fox 2/30 OS".

Does anyone now something about this OS? Did any copies of this system
or documentation and software survive?  The only reference I have
found so far since I read the Ersatz-11 docs is here:
(can't look at this file at the moment as I am on a slooooow internet
connection). All I found out is there's a strong focus on process
control in this system as well at it should be some kind of OEM.

Another OS I am currently looking for is CAPS-11. It is mentioned at
some points, but I could find almost no documentation, definately no
sources or tape images.

Much of the other OSes I've got in my little list are missing the
early versions. It would be a pleasure to see these showing up
somewhere and making them available for the interested Enthusiasts. I
saw discussions about licensing and property issues about some other
OSes too (like DSM). They seem to be stucked at some point, hopefully
these OSes don't get lost sometime.

Here's a little sum-up about Systems I didn't came across so far:
CAPS-11, CTS-300 and -500, DSM-11, DURESS, GAMMA-11, HT-11, MERTS,
Micropower Pascal, MONECS, MTS, PC-11, RUST/XM, SPHERE, TRAX

If you have any information about the Operating Systems mentioned in
this message or can help out with disk images, disks, sources etc. I'd
greatly appreciate if you'd drop a line.

Have a good start into the weekend,

Wolfgang Eichberger - OE5EWL
Operating System Collector
Blog: 5ewl.blogspot.com
Homepage: www.eichberger.org

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