PDP-11 Operating Systems

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All I can add about operating systems related to the original question 
is that unless I remember wrong, CTS-300 and CTS-500 were based on 
RSTS/E (basically RSTS/E and hardware bundled together as a complete 

TRAX-11 was a transaction based system. Mostly targeted at the 11/70, 
unless I remember wrong. However, I seem to remember that TRAX-11 was 
also somehow tied up with RSX-11M-PLUS, and also the 11/74, but my 
memory might be confusing me.

MicroPower PASCAL was a standalone system I seem to remember. You built 
the software on something else, like RSX, and then you booted the 
created system on a bare machine.

CAPS-11 is something really old. About the same timeframe as DOS-11. It 
was obsoleted around 1974 or something, I would suspect. Very short 
lifetime of some of the earliest systems for the PDP-11.


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