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Tue Mar 15 08:05:45 CDT 2011

 >Michael Thompson wrote:

>>From: Joachim Thiemann <joachim.thiemann at>
>>By curious coincidence, one of my labmates just asked me for some
>>original data from my Master's thesis, and luckily I have that data
>>backed up on CD-R - from 1999 (Maxell gold-coloured CD-R74, if that
>>makes a difference).  Tar.gz files, and still reads fine 12 years
>>later on a modern machine (Mac mini) without special hardware or
>My wife's Master's thesis is on RX01 floppies made with WPS-8.
>Someday I will get the files converted to something more modern.
If this goal is a priority (even if it is to be completed far in the
future), I suggest that you at least copy the RX01 images to a
current file and operating system.  Then, at your leisure, you
will be able to use one of the PDP-11 emulators to extract
the thesis text.  Otherwise, the availability of 8" floppy drives
may become the bottleneck.

In addition, if WPS-8 ran on only certain hardware and operating
system, it would be helpful to make a copy of both WPS-8 and
the operating system.  If the operating system was for a PDP-11,
they will be able to run under one of the popular hobby emulators
(SIMH or Ersatz-11) for probably decades into the future.

Jerome Fine

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