Three phase and IBM

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Mar 20 15:17:22 CDT 2011

> > Here in the US, I have yet to see a piece of equipment with a cable or 
> > plug with a neutral lead, that doesn't actually need it.
> This is the other confusing thing that I forgot: There seem to be a lot
> of different plugs for three phase used in the US. In Europe we have
> the red five prong "CEE" plugs (actually IEC 60309 / DIN  EN 60309) for

I believe there is a 4 pin version of that connector. I am pretty sure I 
have a couple somwhere. Earth and 3 phases (Delta), of course. It's still 
red (incidating 415V or thereabouts). Whether it is commonly used is 
another matter...


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