Smoke From PSU Socket

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Mar 21 21:29:58 CDT 2011

Shoppa, Tim wrote:
>> Also I don't know why the socket shorted, if it *was* wet then perhaps I
>> could plug it in again, but I am very doubtful that this would be a good
>> idea. Should I just be thinking of replacing the socket?
> Many "IEC sockets" are more than just sockets, and incorporate EMI suppression
> components as well. The euphemism becomes "power entry module" instead
> of "socket". The EMI suppression components (especially capacitors) in them are
> specced for AC line voltage applications and UL rated such, but they
> still let out their magic smoke every so often :-).

I was wondering that, too. I've seen plenty of such sockets that have a 
metal can on the inside of the case containing suppression components, and 
have seen more than one fail - result being that the smoke works its way 
out via the external power cord pins.  It's so long since I've been inside 
a DELNI that I don't remember if they have these (or if they're just a 
plain ol' socket)

> Even if it's just a socket, some debris can get in there during storage, you
> plug it in, the debris trips a fuse and vaporizes, and all you're left with is
> a charred socket.

Maybe the power cord, even - damaged contacts or internal wiring, and 
plugging it in shorted things out?

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