Smoke From PSU Socket

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Mar 22 14:54:53 CDT 2011

> I have closed the box again, but I seem to remember the socket did indeed
> have a covering, presumably with components inside. Should I consider
> replacing the whole socket, or is it possible to repair the individual
> components inside? Assuming of course that the damage is not too great.

It is normal to replace the enbtire assembly, and it's quite likely that 
a suitable replacement can be obtained. Of courde you might want to have 
a go at repairing it. Whether this is possible depends on what has failed 
and if you can get inside the module.

If it is a normal filter assembly, it will contain a bifilar-wound 
inductor (which is almost impossible to obtain as a 'loose' component) 
and 3 or more capacitors (which are avialable. There may be aschematic on 
the can. If you get continuity from the liv/neutral pins to the tags to 
whci hthe itnernal wires are connected, then the inductor is probably OK.
Most of the time if there are problems it's one of the capacitor that has 

I suspect some of thse modules are filled with 'potting compound' (a mad 
friend of mine clals this 'potting compost' :-)) which makes repairs 
almost impossibel. Some DEC machines have a filter in a square metal can 
about 6cm on a side on the back of the inptu conenctor, the lid is 
soldered on. I think you van probably desodler the lid with a _large_ 
solderign iron and repari it. The type that looks like deep IEC socket 
behidd the panel is probably not repariable.


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