OSI C1P currently on ebay...

Terry Stewart terry at webweavers.co.nz
Thu Mar 31 16:05:49 CDT 2011

No, I don't think the sides are wooden.  I have one of these models 
(http://www.classic-computers.org.nz/collection/challenger1.htm) and the 
sides are metal.

They are very vintage in apparence and function and I've glad I've got one. 
My oldest computer and the one that really started me collecting.


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> Bill Sudbrink wrote:
>> Ah!  There I would disagree.  The case is not in half bad shape.  If you
>> have Superboard you would like to mount, it could be just the thing for 
>> you.  That said, I think around $100 US is about the top of its value.
> I had to google (I'm not at all familiar with OSI stuff), but it seems 
> that the keyboard is integral to the Superboard, right? So you'd basically 
> be paying for a bit of bent metal, wooden (?) sides and a PSU - and it's a 
> bit of bent metal which needs sanding down and repainting, at that (and 
> I've no idea if those decals come off easily!).
> Considering it's $22 in shipping... anything seems like a lot to me :-)
> cheers
> Jules

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