3M "WhisperPrinter" (Trendcom 100) docs?

Chris Elmquist chrise at pobox.com
Mon Dec 1 11:02:54 CST 2014

On Sunday (11/30/2014 at 12:28PM -0800), Josh Dersch wrote:
> Picked this up for nearly nothing at a local recycler, it was too cute to
> pass up.  It's a 3M "WhisperPrinter" (model 1904AA), and it's a small (40
> column, 4.5" wide) thermal printer with a serial interface.  It appears to
> work (runs a self-test if you hold the line feed button while powering on)
> but I don't know what the pinout for the interface on the rear is (it's a
> 20-pin header).
> This looks to be a rebadged Trendcom 100 (which I can also find very little
> technical info about) used on a number of early home computers (Atari,
> TRS-80, PET).  Anyone happen to have a manual for this?

I'm not sure if you included an image or link to one.  Didn't get
one here.

I am familiar with a 3M Whisper Writer, which was a complete portable
terminal system including a printer as you describe, a keyboard unit
and an acoustic coupled modem.

Is it like this?


And these are the other pieces,


3M built these themselves.

I had one as a kid.  My dad worked for 3M and this ensured an endless
supply of thermal paper and is also why I still have half a dozen TI
Silent 700 terminals as well ;-)

Nowdays, you can buy "thermal fax" paper at office supply stores and
it will work in the TI printers.  Unfortunately, it's 8.5" wide so you
would need to modify the roll for the Whisper Writer.  Maybe there is
a version of thermal cash register paper that will fit??

Chris Elmquist

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