List memberships and duplicates [was Re: Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!]

Peter Coghlan cctech at
Mon Dec 1 16:09:41 CST 2014

>    > 2) All cctech subscribers are experiencing it and very few find it a
>    > problem.
>    > or
>    > 2) All cctech subscribers are experiencing it and there are very few
>    > people subscribed to cctech!
>I rather suspect it's 2B...: -)

2B or not 2B, that is the question :-)

If it is 2B then the moderators were going to a lot of trouble for the benefit
of very few and since the reincarnation, they have been completely wasting
their time :-(

>    > So, I subscribed to cctalk (with the same address I use for cctech
>    > which on reflection may not have been a good idea)
>I think you've hit the nail on the head...

I'll try a different address then.

>Go ahead and try it: you can make sure you don't miss anything by looking in
>the archive (which is how I read the list: I don't actually get _any_
>copies... :-)

Thanks for the suggestion but I find reading the list on the web to be a
painful experience.  Some people post lines that go on forever and they don't
get wrapped so there can be lots of scrolling left and right involved.  Top
posted stuff is even harder to follow than it is in email.  I tend to forget
which posts I've read.  The browser remembers for a while but sometimes
forgets too, especially if I use a different browser.  It is very painful to
search.  It is also painful to save interesting stuff.  I can't discard the
stuff I'm not interested in and leave the rest.  Apart from that, it's fine :-)

Peter Coghlan.

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