C, please die, and take Go with you - Re: Fwd: is there any word processing software for the pdp11?

Ian S. King isking at uw.edu
Thu Dec 4 11:23:50 CST 2014

I'm not sure why some people insist on bashing C because it can be
misused/abused.  C is a tool for when you need to touch the metal.  It's
just not what anyone should use to write applications.  You don't do finish
carpentry with a chainsaw, and you don't cut down trees with a keyhole
saw.  Yet there are people who craft wood sculptures with a chainsaw... and
you can write applications in C.  But chainsaws and C are more unforgiving
of ignorance than hand saws and Python.

And Go looks like nothing more than Emerald rebaked.  See,
http://www.emeraldprogramminglanguage.org/.  -- Ian

On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 7:06 AM, ben <bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca> wrote:

> On 12/3/2014 1:30 PM, Eric Smith wrote:
>  C is a chainsaw that is not supplied with any of the safety features of
>> a normal chainsaw.  It is a chainsaw that would be unlawful to
>> sell in the US.
>>  More like the old chainsaw joke.
> man: this chain saw don't cut trees.
> sales man: BRUMMMMMMMMM - did you read the manual?

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