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Thu Dec 11 10:26:13 CST 2014

Flash memory.

Tape -> floppy -> hard drives were evolutionary and the year-on-year compound interest in volume stored is amazing, but only as seen over a decade or three. (Although, seen from the perspective of a century, that’ll maybe look somewhat disruptive).

But, per power and volume, flash allows a real discontinuity in the amout of information I can carry around with me. Pocket-sized GPS receivers *with a nationwide road map* internal, gigantic music/video collections in a device the size of my palm, Raspberry Pi and its ilk with a full-up modern OS including self-hosting in a device I can lose in the bottom of a lunchbox - that’s a lot of information density, and the change from “cabinet size” to “wristwatch size” was pretty sudden from my perspective.

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