OT: Physical Book Prices

Charles Dickman chd at chdickman.com
Sun Dec 14 16:55:14 CST 2014

Back in 2007 Stan Barr posted a comment about a book that was pure computer
geek porn: "Core Memory" by Mark Richards & John Alderman. I thought it
would be a good stocking stuffer for myself from someone in the family. I
went looking on Amazon for it. The price is $172 for a new hardcover and
$78 for a used hardcover.

This is ridiculous. I thought it was only school books that were at totally
unreasonable prices.

Now, I can get the nook electronic version for $13.99 but this is a *coffee
table book*, something to be displayed. It's geek porn.

So then I went and looked at some other books that are niche. I enjoy
analog design and a Jim Williams book is always good. "The Art and Science
of Analog Design" which is about 15 years old is $50 in paperback.

I guess the printed page is dead. Gutenberg RIP.

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