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Sun Dec 14 18:51:25 CST 2014

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> Back in 2007 Stan Barr posted a comment about a book that was pure
> computer geek porn: "Core Memory" by Mark Richards & John Alderman. I
> thought it would be a good stocking stuffer for myself from someone in
> the family. I went looking on Amazon for it. The price is $172 for a
> new hardcover and
> $78 for a used hardcover.

Out of print books of limited quantity sold on Amazon tends to have ridiculous prices that have no reflection of actual interest or demand for the book. I've seen this on lots of books listed on Amazon and other places tend to check there to see what something is "worth" first. Just takes one person to list it for a high price and everyone else joins in. I bought that book when it first came out for $23.10 and Amazon later sold me the ebook for $2.99 since I bought the print version previously. It is a nice book but not really worth much more than that imo. I'll bet you most of those people aren't selling any copies either.

David Williams

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