OT : Chassis punches

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 13:52:49 CST 2014

> I don't know about the hydraulic part, but I've had really like my Greenlee
> punches.

That is the sort of thing I've read elsewhere. Greenlee are not cheap, but they 
do the job and last. The brand we used to use in the UK was Q-max [1] but
they don't do the sizes I need

[1] Again a good brand IMHO. I convinced my father to buy me the 5/8", 3/4"
and 1+1/8" ones about 35 years ago. I am still using them. Of course those are
the sizes for B7G, B9A and Octal valveholders... I think the company started out 
making RF (and IF?) coils, hence the name.

The ones I am looking at are the conventional 'tighten the bolt' ones albeit with
a thrust type ball race on the bolt to reduce the torque needed. The published
specs exceed what I need to do (they are specified to punch 1.6mm mild steel,
the thickest I want to do is 1.2mm). 

The hydraulic thingy seems to fit in place of the nut and pulls the punch bolt
through the metal into the die. Nowhere can I find info on what advantage it 
gives. If it's just quicker then I am not going to get one. 


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