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> > Well the manual says the foot pump also allows you to use both hands
> > to position the punch.
> I can see that if you have the type that fits on a bench press
> but I am looking at the ones where you drill the centre hole and fit the
> one side of the panel and the die the other. So not having 2 hands free is
> that important
> > The big advantage of the hydraulics is that you will put more of the
> > effort into pulling the die through the steel.
> > The problem with the bolt version is that the tension in the bolt
> > increases the friction between the bolt and the threads.
> > This makes it hard to tighten the nut, even with a ball bearing. With
> > this system the friction will stay the same.
> True. So it might increase the cutting capacity. On the other hand the
> instructions for the hydraulic pump warn time and again about trying to go
> through too think a panel. apparently if the bolt breaks it's spectacular.

I would think it would be spectacular. The tension must be tremendous.

> > These days being old and feeble I think I might buy the hydraulic
> Thing is, the punches are around \pounds 100 each (!). The hydraulic
> is over \pounds 400 (it fits all the punches, I would only need to buy
one). I
> can just about afford it, but I don't want to spend money if I don't have

Ah, at that price it would be cheaper to engage my Rugby Playing Number 3
son.  Even if I pay him £10/Hour I can get a lot of holes punched for
... and he would have no problems with the original method.

> -tony

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