OT : Chassis punches

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 14:55:02 CST 2014

> >
> > True. So it might increase the cutting capacity. On the other hand the
> > instructions for the hydraulic pump warn time and again about trying to go
> > through too think a panel. apparently if the bolt breaks it's spectacular.
> I would think it would be spectacular. The tension must be tremendous.

And I certainly don't want to be in the firing line...

More seriously I suspect this is much more likely to happen with the
hydraulic tool than with the nut and spanner. So even if I had the 
hydraulic add-on I mght not use it that much.

> Ah, at that price it would be cheaper to engage my Rugby Playing Number 3
> son.  Even if I pay him £10/Hour I can get a lot of holes punched for
> £400...
> ... and he would have no problems with the original method.

Having repaired the suspension, etc on my father's car (before he sadly passed
away [1]), I have had to torque bolts to 200 lb.ft and more (and yes I do own a 
torque wrench going that high). I also had to undo the bolts when they had been
originally done up to that torque and then suffered general corrosion, etc. It's
amazing how much torque you can exert with a T-bar on a socket set.

[1] In case it's not clear, these had nothing to do with each other, He was not killed
in a car crash.

Given that the spec of the plain Greenlee punch I am looking at (without any mention
of the hydraulic add-on) exceeds what I want to do with it, I am guessing I can save
the money here.


> -tony

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