OT : Chassis punches

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Dec 16 23:30:25 CST 2014

> Do investigate Pexto hand and arbor punches.  These do not require a
> pilot hole and, in, at least in the case of aluminum, have an
> interesting property.

I don't, as yet' have an abour press, although it is another luxury I am 
considering. But one advantage of the bolt-up type (Greenlee, Qmax)
is that you can put a hole anywhere, in any size bit of metal, it doesn't
have to fit in the press.

[Filling a hole]

>The trick was apparently that the slugs that come out of the arbor punch
> come out a bit concave.  Pressing them into place causes the diameter of
> the slug to expand slightly, locking it in place.

I suspect that's true of Qmax cutters too in that their slugs are dished when they
come out and are a tight fit in the die. Not that I have ever tried it (and of course
those slugs have a central hole)


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