Recaping a Macintosh Portable

Simon Claessen simski at
Wed Dec 17 06:05:48 CST 2014

than one of those drives was also broken electronically. I have one 
working version here. It could be revisions. I remeber that the portable 
had a green label and the classic a red one. or the other way round.

On 08-12-14 20:43, drlegendre . wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 10:40 AM, Simon Claessen <simski at> wrote:
>> but do change the caps, and you can substitute the platter of a mac
>> classic 40mb drive and reuse the electronics of the drive in the portable.
> FYI, this didn't work for me, even though I did apparently have the
> 'correct' 40MB Connor HD. The electronics wouldn't transplant, or something
> to that effect.  I ended up having to make a cable for it, which was a
> little messy but did work just fine.

Met vriendelijke Groet,

Simon Claessen

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