IBM 7868-047 Modems

Ali cctalk at
Sun Nov 2 17:05:35 CST 2014

Ahhh nice to have the lust back!

About a year ago I "rescued" a whole rack of these modems off the side of
the street. Unfortunately, they do not come with ANY documentation and my
Google fu has so far determined that they are most likely for leased lines

Does anyone have any info or familiarity with this modem? I know some other
IBM LL modems could work over PTSN but had to be set in the right mode. Can
this be done for these modems? Also does anyone know if these modems will
accept standard Hayes AT commands? Or just the IBM command set? Which brings
me to my next question what is the IBM command set?

Any documentation or guidance is very much appreciated. I would love to get
these guys up and running!


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