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> Was that /after/ they tried selling items piecemeal with all those eBay
> accounts they created? IMO those guys were -way- over their heads with the
> ill-gotten gear they took from Sellam. Greed plan and simple, from the
> landlord's imagined riches to the to the scrap company he convinced to
> take take it on. I for one hope that particular scrapper lost their ass
> once the final numbers rolled around.

I don't get it.

Sellam should have simply paid his rent instead of jerking his landlord
around for month after month with missed deadlines, broken promises, a law 
suit etc.


Whether you call it 'greed' or just the landlord trying to collect the back
rent owed, we should thank them and the scrapper for the opportunity to save
some pretty rare equipment instead of just scrapping it.

What did the folks who refused to buy any of it out of  'loyalty' to Sellam
accomplish other than ensuring that some worth while stuff did end up being

And how do the folks who donated items to Sellam's 'museum' in good faith
feel about him letting it end up on eBay and as scrap because of his
intransigence and refusal to ask the community to help save the collection?


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