Who's rewired their house for this hobby?

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 23 15:38:56 CST 2014

> > OK. But equally if you have multiple outlets on a circuit (presumably often in
> > the same room), you can't draw more than 10A total. Some of my classic
> > computers would not like that!
> Yes, but this is your problem than.
> This wiring is to be meant for an average living room, not for an computer
> room with big computers.
> If you ant to do this, simply install 3 phase CEE Outlets.

Are those the ones that we used to call 'BS4343'? Red for 415V, blue for 230V, yellow for 
110V, used for single and 3 phase over here ? Not common domestically in the UK, but 
AFAIK they are permitted, and do turn up occasionally. 

Presumably the German regulations would permit several 16A outlets in the same room, each
proteced with its own 16A breaker.

> Thats eaxcatly how this is designed. The minimal Gauge for 230V wires is
> 0,5mm^2.

Which to me is a 3A cable and I'd protect it with a 3A cartridge fuse in the plug :-)

I believe the is a country (probably one that was under British rule at one time) that uses BS1363
sockets (our 13A ones with) unfused plugs on a 15A radial circuit. No real problem, the socket will
carry 15A if properly made, but if the plugs/cables end up in the UK, they can be dangerous for the
obvious reason.

I also dislike -- a lot - the unfused wall wart PSUs/chargers we get in the UK. They plug directly into the 
13A socket outlet, and thus the only protective devices is the 32A (or 30A) breaker/fuse in the consumer
unit. I normally run them from a fused multi-socket block on my bench, at least then there is some smaller
fuse im the circuit.

> > Mind you the old wiring regulations, at least in the UK, make horrifying reading. At
> > one time it was required to put a fuse in both the live and neutral wires (and if the
> > latter failed the whole circuit was live). Now of course you put a fuse in the live only.
> :-O

Indeed. Note that its not that you _may_ put a fuse in both wires, it that's you _must_. Thank
$deity that rule got removed...


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