Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!

Peter Coghlan cctech at beyondthepale.ie
Mon Nov 24 14:53:33 CST 2014

>You're probably signed up under two different email addresses; check the
>address on your incoming mail and if they're different unsub one of them.

Thanks for the suggestion Mike.

It looks like I'm getting one copy of each message with a cctech From: address
and a second copy of each with a cctalk From: address.  My address looks
identical on all the mails.  I've tried unsubscribing from cctalk (as I want to
stay on cctech, where I've always been) using:


It tells me "The confirmation email has been sent." but it never arrives here
and I keep getting two copies of everything.

I thought others might be having the same problem but I guess not otherwise
there would be a chorus of "Me too!" by now (Wasn't that <AOL>Me too!</AOL>
at one time?)

So nobody else is seeing this behaviour then?

Peter Coghlan.

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