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Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Thu Apr 30 01:50:53 CDT 2015

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 05:03:57PM -0400, Diane Bruce wrote:
> This is way OT but it is hitting a very raw nerve right now for me.
> My mother died April 21. Guess who did not have a PoA, Will or pre-arranged
> funeral? Yes, my mother.
> Please. If you have children, please do a will and pre-arrange funeral.
> It is cruel otherwise. Very cruel.

I'm sorry for your loss.

But I'm somewhat astonished how complex this issue seems to be in the 
US. I'm not going to say Sweden is in anyway perfect, I have heard about 
several conflicts regarding wills.

Normally, if there are no outstanding debts, the process is rather 
straightforward. If there is no will, your children and your spouse will 
inherit all your possesions. And that is a birthright, you can't even 
testament that away.

Most conflicts I've heard of are between children that don't agree how 
to split things evenly or fight over an, essentially, illegal will.


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