Where's a good place to list stuff?

Todd Goodman tsg at bonedaddy.net
Thu Apr 30 08:17:59 CDT 2015

* Rod Smallwood <rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com> [150430 05:17]:
> Ebay is a good place to buy and sell. However if you are buying take a 
> few precautions.
> Always use a credit card and PayPal together with Ebay's own protection 
> you stand a chance if there are problems.
> Never never buy anything because its cheap or anything you are not 
> exactly sure what it is.
> If its electronic collect if you can and see it run if thats possible.
> Look for garage sale type of listings  were  there's a mix of items.
> Its often the case tha you get a sale where people have passed on and 
> the house is being cleared.
> Never buy something you want, always buy something you need.
> Always set an upper limit on price and stick to it.
> Rod

I've purchased many items off eBay.  Buying cheap is fine as long as you
understand and check out the description carefully and ask questions if
things aren't clear.

There aren't many deals to be found on eBay anymore (IMNSHO anyway) for
vintage computer gear.  Test equipment is a different story.

Never buy something you want???  That would be really sad as there's not
much on eBay that one would need.

I certainly agree with setting an upper limit and sticking to it.  Good
advice for any auctions you might attend (in person or remotely.)

Just my opinion,


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