Saved DEC kit

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Wed Aug 5 12:54:40 CDT 2015

Those are "imperial pints", in the US a pint is 16 fluid onces so nearer to
464 (I think) grams...

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> > Hmm.. 55 pints?
> In the UK, the pint (as used, I assume for beer) is 568ml. So assuming
> 'pint' means the drink commonly called that over here and assuming beer
> a density similar to water [1] then 44 pints is very close.
> [1] No jokes about making love in a canoe, please.
> More seriously, and ignoring things like '25 bags of sugar', what about
> sort of weights used by those misguided people who do not get their
> exercise from lifting PDP's into racks?
> -tony

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