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(Fred wrote)
>> ...And pluto is no longer a planet.

Give us (New Horizons team) a couple years on that. 
I’ll guess that even the IAU is going to realize the error of their ways by the time all is said and done.

> No, he's a dog (could not resist). 

:-) I have heard a lot of ballyhoo about Pluto disovered by Americans, first explored by American spacecraft, etc. etc.
Oddly, not as much about its being named by a Briton (Venetia Phair, nee Burney). 

FWIW, I was thinking about the (apparently mythical) pound-weight pint. And aware the approximation wasn’t good even to three significant figures, but I also guessed that after disposing of the test mass, nobody would care much about that third significant figure (as Fred points out)!
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