OT RE: Saved DEC kit

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Aug 5 18:06:18 CDT 2015

Tony wrote (re: 25kg)...
Its about half the weight of many minicomputer bits (I think an RK05 drive
is about 50kg for example).
I cry DEC-bias, using an RK05 as your UOM ;)

For HP, a bare 7906 drive is 75kg (165#), and with controller, power supply,
and desk side rack that only holds the one drive - 154kg (340#). A 7970 is
59kg (130#). A bare 2113 cpu is 30kg (65#). Funny how I have those weights
right at the top of my head ;) So I'd say that 25kg is more like 1/3 of many
minicomputer bits *grin*


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