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> Excuse me if this isn't Exactly right, but I seem to recall some on
> in IBM saying that Thomas Watson Jr got a phone call one day. It
> went...

> TWJ: Thomas Watson here
> CLR: Is that Thomas Watson Jnr.
> TWJ: Yes
> CLR: and you are the head of IBM
> TWJ: Yes
> CLR and you first name is Thomas
> TWJ: yes
> CLR: and you are the head of IBM
> TWJ: yes
> CLE: and you are in your office
> TWJ: yes, but what do you want
> CLR: Just thought I would show what it is like trying set up and SNA
> session. Bye...

Not to bring in nasty facts or anything, but Tom Jr. retired from IBM
in 1971, after a heart attack.

SNA was introduced in 1974.


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