So, what's the deal with DigiBarn?

Mon Aug 24 19:33:43 CDT 2015

I  wrote them  with an Osborne  question  as we   got a osborne 1 but it 
was later and slicker  and   they   replied  other than that I  do not  know.
Seems we are getting hit  with  computers  with handles on  them  this  
month.  A RS  4P  showed up today!
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Hey  all-

I've always wondered about this.

Their website hasn't seen  a proper update in years, and it looks like they
have a lot of choice  hardware donated to them that they may not be
maintaining... Is it open to  the public?

Are people actively volunteering there to make sure this  stuff is shown
some love and not falling into disrepair? Keeping leaky  batteries,
capacitors, rust at bay, and doing repairs? Imaging  disks?

They have some very worthwhile examples of machines but I  haven't seen much
from them as an organization in years!

I'm sure  lots of people would be willing to help if they  are


- Ian

Ian Finder
ian.finder at

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