Somewhat OT: RIP Robert "Bob" Hall, Jr. (Jan 5th 1957 - July 28th 2015)

drlegendre . drlegendre at
Mon Aug 24 21:33:06 CDT 2015


I know some of us knew Bob Hall, an amazing character, who spent the last
decade of his life crusading for the restoration of US manufacturing and
railing against the perils of the Giant in the East - among other things.

Sadly, I learned only today that Bob passed away on July 28th, 2015, due to
intractable pancreatic cancer. Our friend was a tender 61 years in age.

You can find a page, with an obit here:

Rest in Peace, Bob.. your 'dispatches from the front' will be missed. We
need more voices like we had known in Bob hall.

(It seems all of his content has been removed from FB and YT. Might still
remain in

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