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This about screen pretty much sums it up.


Free software is mainly developed on mailing lists. Mailing lists have 
many advantages over other forms of communication, but they have two 
weaknesses: It's difficult to follow discussions in a sensible way, and 
mailing list archives (when they exist) have a tendency to disappear 
over time.

Severalmailing list archives <>exist, but 
these are all hidden under a web interface. Reading mail that way is not 
convenient. Reading mail as if it were news is convenient.

This is what Gmane offers. Mailing lists are funneled into news groups. 
This isn't a new idea; several mail-to-news gateways exist. What's new 
with Gmane is that no messages are ever expired from the server, and the 
gateway is bidirectional. You can post to some of these mailing lists 
without being subscribed to them yourself, depending on whether the 
mailing lists allow non-subscribers to post or not.

In addition, Gmane doesspam detection 
<>,cross-post handling 
<>, has aTMDA-fueled encryption/forwarding 
service <>, aweb interface 
<>, respectsX-No-Archive 
<>, suppliesRSS feeds 
<>, usesSPF <>, 
gatherstraffic statistics <>, and has a 
real-time indexingsearch engine <>.

Not all mailing lists allow non-subscribers to post, and some are 
moderated. Gmane requires that users post to Gmane groups using a valid 
e-mail address, and requires a one-timeauthorization 
<>per group.

To read the mailing lists stored in Gmane, point your news reader <nntp://>.

To get a new mailing list added,use the subscription form 
<>. Almost any mailing list can be added. 
Just includesubscription information <>. Mailing 
list archives can beimported <>into Gmane.

Discussion about the Gmane hierarchy takes place on thegmane.discuss 

At present, the Gmane hierarchy is heavily dominated by computer-related 
mailing lists, which reflects the interests of the initial user base. 
However, Gmane is not meant to be a service exclusively for IT people. 
Feel free to suggest non-computer-related mailing lists.

To get in touch with the Gmane administrators, send a mail toLars Magne 
Ingebrigtsen <>.

Gmane has been in full operation since February 11th 2002, after a one 
month test period. And the "g" in "Gmane" is silent.


I've tried to gather some thoughts on Gmane here. It's been running now 
for almost half a year, and it's about time to summarize the experience 

My main reason for setting up Gmane in the first place was my annoyance 
with the concept of mailing lists. I've always preferred newsgroups -- 
they have a nice interface; they can be archived in a convenient format; 
and they can be searched (via DejaNews/Google). Mailing lists have a 
lousy interface, and if they have an archive at all, it's always hidden 
behind some web-based monstrosity. And they never allow searching.

So I started Gmane, and gathered the mailing lists I was vaguely 
interested in. Many, many other lists were requested by other users and 
added by me and the other Gmane administrators. There's now more than 
two thousand lists here. If I'm looking for discussion on any given 
topic (for instance -- buffer overflows in the libc resolver library), I 
just have my news reader display all the Gmane groups, and, more often 
than not, all the relevant mailing lists are already there, and I find 
what I'm looking for.


Makes sense to me :-)


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