FYI gmane cctalk group

Christian Corti cc at
Tue Aug 25 04:03:10 CDT 2015

On Tue, 25 Aug 2015, Doug Jackson wrote:
> This about screen pretty much sums it up.
> Severalmailing list archives <>exist, but these are 
> all hidden under a web interface. Reading mail that way is not convenient. 
> Reading mail as if it were news is convenient.
> To read the mailing lists stored in Gmane, point your news reader 
> <nntp://>.

Honestly, I would rather prefer cctalk being a proper NNTP newsgroup than 
a mailing list. Newsgroups have all what is needed to sort and follow 
discussions, have proper threading etc. Mailing lists are OK, but I don't 
really like them.


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