Pre-VCFMW Sales and Free Stuff

Jason T silent700 at
Wed Aug 26 18:17:56 CDT 2015

It's a bit late but I may as well post my list of stuff I'd like to
see go away this weekend.  Small items can be delivered to you at VCF
Midwest.  Large items you'll have to pick up from my home or storage,
both of which are <10 miles from the show, either during the week
before or on Sunday evening after.  (Or Monday mid-day if you're still
in town.)

The list at present:

FREE (for pickup or +shipping)

DEC TS05 9-track tape drive. Pertec interface, rail kit should be
around here somewhere. Very clean, assumed working.
DEC RL02 Drive. Once a home to mice, now a real "fixer-upper." Hey,
they're tough drives.
IBM MagStar MP 3570 tape library. Missing its tape cartridge but drive
should be OK. SCSI interface. Heavy.


Digital DECWriter III printing terminal. Repainted top, badge bent and
poorly glued on. Was working when last tried. Cost is helping me get
it out of the basement and another DECwriter down there to replace it.
Digital DECWriter II printing terminal. Not sure about this one. Looks
clean but untested. Will trade for something significantly smaller.

I'll keep a running list here:

If it's no longer on that list, it's gone.

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