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Tue Dec 8 15:45:05 CST 2015

> So I post a picture of my workshop with 13 racks, including half a dozen SGI 
> Onyx2, a pair of SunFire 6800s, a Cray J98, a Sun E10000, and a bunch of 
> PDP11s, VAXes, Sun E450s/E4000s/386i, Sun 4/470s, MicroPDPs, MicroVAXes, oh, 
> and an nCube2... and it's boring?

Cray J90 series!
Does it run!? I have a J932SE and the OS core dumps on install. The media 
I copied was from unknown origin so I'm not sure the version of Unicos I 
have should run on it or not. It's been a while, figured I would end up 
selling it at some point (it competed with my arcade/pinball hobby.) Might 
put it back on eBay it gets a lot of views but no one serious has stepped 

I had a full rack O2K, my favorite large computer!

I can't wait for the housing bubble in the USA to explode then it will be 
possible to get a place big enough to do something like that!

Ethan O'Toole

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