Commodore 64?

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Sat Dec 12 06:57:04 CST 2015

On Dec 12, 2015 6:41 AM, "Mike" <tulsamike3434 at> wrote:
> If I would have known!!!
> WOW I would have just read more posts before I posted my first post look
at this mess... There is no reason for people to be rude or disrespectful
to new people like myself. I have never joined a place like this I know now
that it has been said 1000000000000 times to scroll down and put my text
there all I wanted to do was talk about my new Commodore 64's.  Can we do
that?  I make a post about creepy pastas and all I got was made fun of? Do
yall not want new people to join? I think I can learn a lot from here
that's all I want to do! There are many Computer geniuses on here that I
can learn a lot from that's what I'm interested in and I like Creepypasta's
and I collect Honda ATC 3wheelers. But can we get back on track with the
Commodore 64?
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Where are you located?  Yes this list is quirky.  Welcome anyway!  I
suggest forum, they talk about C64s a lot there.

Bill Degnan
twitter: billdeg

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