Bye for now... was: <insert a huge lot of bloat and offtopic here>

Doug Jackson doug at
Sat Dec 12 16:01:40 CST 2015

I've been a member of this list for many years.  Sometimes people are on topic.   Sometimes they are not. But the list remains a useful source of infirmation and trivia alike.

I understand where the <del> key is, and what its function is.  I have found that judicious use can increase my happyness level.  That way,   I can still get information that is interesting to me while reducing my frustration.

I also use modern access methods, so I'm unphased about posting styles.  I save the teletype paper for really important things like playing SPACWR...   this glass teletype thing may well take off some day. ..

At least this list is more civil than comp.lang.forth...  thats full of cranky people.

Just my $0.02.  Use <del> or <bs> as you see fit.


On 13 December 2015 6:22:16 am AEDT, Rick Bensene <rickb at> wrote:
>Simon Claessen wrote:
>> Another great day started with me deciding that thorwing away 70% of
>a list
>> every day is not worthwhile any more. This list is acting like
>Whatsapp and
>> Facebook more and more.
>> It seems that a lot of people are unable to keep on topic. Its a
>> It would be so handy if people could refrain from "biting the troll".
>I am truly
>> not interested in top, bottom posting, and other non classic computer
>It is sad that Simon has decided to leave the list.
>I am so tempted to do the same thing as Simon...say goodbye to this
>list because of all of the worthless , off-topic cruft that is posted
>here, especially lately.  
>However, I've been a member of this list for a long time, and I'm so
>hoping that perhaps by some miracle this current trend towards topics
>non-sequitur will abate.   One can hope.
>-Rick Bensene

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