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>> From: Adrian Graham
>> Overblown salesmanship aside, technically I suppose they're right.
> Well, I don't think so. According to Wikipedia (I know, I know), the Lisa was
> released on January 19, 1983, but the Xerox Star (AKA Dandelion):

I think the seller is aiming for the 'this serial number is under 32,000
therefore it was one of the first 32,000 mice made and therefore PART OF
> was introduced in 1981, almost two years before. The Star was supposed to be
> a commercial product version of the Alto, and although it had many issues, it
> did have an advanced version of the graphic-based user interface that is now
> universal - icons, etc, etc. And it had a mouse.

Oh I know :) I wanted a Lisa as soon as I first saw the launch issue of
Personal Computer News over here in the UK. April '83 I think it was. Took
me 17 years and I obviously had to make do with a LisaII but hey...
(my ISP has just changed my external IP address now that they're on DOCSIS-3
so that URL might not work straight away)

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