10 forgotten wonders of 1980s homes

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Tue Dec 29 21:44:09 CST 2015

Interesting  just  brought the old magnavox ghetto blaster I had  in the 
computer room at computer exchange inc... put 4 cells and a jumper to  start 
it in half voltage for a while.... it lives! went to all 8 batteries... it  
peels plaster off the walls! but wait i go to the oldies station and  ..
Crowded House- Don't Dream Its Over
Pat Benatar - Love is a  Battlefield
2 of the songs I would crank LOUD! Hey had slick  raised tiles... things 
sounded real loud in there! 
But.... damn these are .... oldies now I remember  when that oldies station 
would just mainly play 60's stuff.... 
Here is someone else's write up on this... for tech  details.. 
this thing had set in relatives storage shed for  probably 15 years or 
maybe 22 ..... it had need 23 years since I saw it  last....and storage sheds 
are damn hot here in az.. it looks good... it plays  good! it plays LOUD good 
to have it back!

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On 12/29/2015 2:08 PM, Jules Richardson 
>  I've wondered occasionally what 
> happened to ghetto blasters - despite  
> finding other audio equipment of the 
> time every once in a  while, I don't 
> think I've seen one anywhere in over 
> 25  years. Were they exceptionally 
> fragile or something, and so they all  
> got tossed long ago instead of finding 
> their way into attics  and garages like 
> everything else?
> cheers
>  Jules

I still have mine, circa 1979.  
Amazingly still works --  with no caps 
replacement yet -- except for tape deck 
-- rubber bands  have dried up.

- J.

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