Weekly Classic Computer Trivia Question (20150204)

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> > As silly as it was the movie Hackers referred to the mainframe
> > computer in the movie as a Gibson.
> > Where did the term Gibson come from?
> A benchmark for commercial-type workload in the 1960s was called the
> "Gibson Mix"
> (presumably after a Mr or Dr Gibson). It predates the Whetstone.
> I can't remember whether CCTA ran it on our ICL1905E or the Honeywell L66

Ah the joys of CCTA tests. I worked on two of those, one for a L66 to DPS300 upgrade at NERC Bidston, and one for an IBM4381 install at Nerc Wallingford...

> that replaced it.
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> Just looked it up on wiki … my memory is a bit faulty - it was a benchmark for
> scientific workloads and dates from the late 50s.
> But, yes, it was devised by a Jack Clark Gibson of IBM.

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