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> yeah the 80’s kept their radio shack….
> 90’s kept their radio shack…
> anything after that … is like "Cell Phone Accessory Express”
> if you are lucky they might have A switch or A capacitor….  And MAYBE it
> MIGHT be the value you actually need… but how many people re-cap their
> power supply with ONE cap?
> how many people need just one cap?
> thinking about this is making me angry….   I am glad radio shack is gone…
> rest in hell!
If I'm (to use your example) recapping a power supply, I don't mind making
an order with Mouser.  But when I need a 10uF electrolytic (happened
recently) I can drive for five minutes, drop a buck or so, stop for a pint
at the pub next door :-) and go fix stuff.  They even had a 7805 I needed
for a project - less than $2, as I recall.  Mouser would charge me more in

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