Sean Caron scaron at
Thu Feb 5 10:05:36 CST 2015

It's real. Google "".

Very, very neat stuff. I always wanted to play with a Pr1me like I read
about in Phrack and they let me do it.

The author seems to keep a low profile and the code for the emulator has
never been released to the public, nor has any Pr1me software, as far as I
know. It would be cool to see it someday, but I'm plenty happy to just have
that emulator running there, open for the public to explore.

Now I just need to log on to a Multics and all my boxes will be ticked :O

I've occasionally seen Pr1me gear on eBay but it's never been complete and
it's always been expensive from my view. I'm sure someone out there has a



On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 10:59 AM, Bob Brown <bbrown at> wrote:

> I've heard something about a prime emulator (to run primos, premix etc)..
> does anyone know any info on where it is and how to get ahold of it?
> Anyone know of any actual prime hardware out there?
> Thank you!
> -Bob

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