Incandescent lights [Re: It's time to restore the 11/45.]

John Kaur digitgraph at
Thu Feb 5 13:05:30 CST 2015

If anyone has worked up a led replacement for the '45, would be of interest.
The original incandescents are not easy to find, even tho have a couple
Thanks, John>

On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 9:10 AM, Mouse <mouse at> wrote:

> > Personally, I worry a bit about LED lamps supplanting the
> > incandescents.
> Me too - though for a different reason: a (tungsten) incandescent bulb
> is an extremely useful thing when working on small appliances.  Hook it
> up in series with the mains and shorts in the appliance (a) don't do
> any damage and (b) are obvious when the bulb goes full brightness.  (Of
> course, the bulb has to be sized appropriately for the appliance's
> normal draw; a 50W bulb will false-positive when testing an iron. :-)
> And then there are people who use them as heating elements in (eg)
> wood-drying kilns.  And I'm sure there are plenty of other applications
> I haven't heard/thought of.
> Perhaps fortunately, it appears that here, at least, incandescents
> aren't completely banned, just vanilla 100W ones.  (I am, though,
> somewhat worried about this being the camel's nose.)
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