Radio Shack

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at
Fri Feb 6 00:40:41 CST 2015

I stopped at Rat Shack today.

The signs outside were the 50-70% off kind of stuff.

My motivation, was just to come inside, and 'cheer on' the lone guy behind the counter.

Sure, they can suck at times, but as said in other posts, 'when I really need that 7805 voltage reg, they were there, and a mile away'
Radio Shack has always been a stop for the fast last minute parts.  No complaints, I do electronic design as a consulting business and there has been a fair share of  on the bench at 8PM and 'I need it now' for a show and tell tomorrow, and its not in the lab stock.

I got the TRS-80 the day it came out.  We knew the Z-80, but months of BASIC peek-poke and learning the expansion bus, adding a disk got us way ahead of the other S-100 guys just getting started.

Radio Shack, I will miss you, but I don't think you are done just yet.  Your online presence is what we have been asking for.
Dropping into the store for the LM317 IC, is probably gone.


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> On Thu, 5 Feb 2015, Charles wrote:
> > yeah the 80’s kept their radio shack….
> >
> > 90’s kept their radio shack…
> >
> > anything after that … is like "Cell Phone Accessory Express”
> > if you are lucky they might have A switch or A capacitor….  And MAYBE it MIGHT be the value you actually need… but how many people re-cap their power supply with ONE cap?
> >
> > how many people need just one cap?
> >
> > thinking about this is making me angry….  I am glad radio shack is gone… 
> > rest in hell!
> I often have episodes of "dammit! that was my last xx uF cap!" and then I 
> go to Radio Shack to see if I can find it.
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